Friday, 17 February 2017

Avaliação de Trade12

Hi everyone! I think many of you are really interested to know about Forex trading. It is about eight months I am with Forex. I actually started my path for trader and what stumbling blocks were waiting for me at the very beginning of my trading in the Forex market, as well as what I was actually guided in choosing a suitable company, being totally unfamiliar with this kind of earnings.

I have dedicated a lot of time just for searching for information on the Internet, learned a lot of articles about what you should pay attention when choosing a broker, from all the reading material, I will try to describe to you the main points that, in my own opinion, were the most important at the very start of trading on the stock exchange.

Firstly choosing broker company is not so easy, and possibly one of the most important, because in the upcoming future the quality and therefore the success of your trade will depend precisely on the company that you choose.

After that education in Trade12. Do you know, tot start earning on the stock exchange, you absolutely do not need special training or qualifications. You have so  easy access to any information from which you can see yourself. Spend a little time for studying the market, and believe me that it will become dear to your independent financial future.

After gaining some confidence, finally I opened a real account, because I wanted to start earning real. I filled up the deposit for a minimum amount of $ 300. After that, I was contacted by the manager and told me to consolidate personal broker that will help in my education and also It will provide the necessary support in matters of work in the financial market. :-D

What perfecting can I do? Treat trading seriously. Do not think that just doing a month of trading you will become a professional trader. I have been trading around eight months, and I still think myself a beginner in this field. The main thing you need to understand that in this business there are a lot of risks, but as say in a proverb, "caution is a good thing, but even a single turtle does not take a single step unless it puts out his head from the shell."

Therefore, all beginners like me, I do not want to panic, earn, learn, take risks and profits will not take so long!


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